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Contractors - Interior landscape  
www.planttech.ca PlantTech
Interior plant sales and maintenance services. - Canada, Qc, Montreal - Fr - Eng
www.anythinggrows.ca Anything Grows
We offer our professional tropical plant sales and maintenance service to businesses and residences throughout the Victoria and Nanaimo regions. Our service is customized to your needs. Creativity and flexibility are the operative words in planning a display to suit each client's particular situation. Maintenance plans include options for purchase, lease, and our plant replacement warranty. - Canada, Bc, Victoria - Eng
www.planterra.ca Planterra
From designing concepts and budgets through to project implementation, Planterra brings horticultural expertise and techniques, esthetic integrity and product knowledge, helping integrate sustainable choices into project designs. We offer the services of our certified Landscape Architect to provide AutoCAD drawings and design specifications, elevations, sections and sketches. Our design department offers no-charge consultation for thematic display artificial trees and holiday décor ideas. Delivery, installation and horticultural maintenance are available. - Canada, Qc, Montreal - Fr - Ang
www.tropical-1.com Tropical-1
At Tropical-1, our interior plantscape expertise is the product of a long term commitment to the quality installation and maintenance of commercial and residential interior environmental plantings. - Canada, Qc, Montreal - Fr - Ang

Plants informations, portal, associations and societies  
www.aroid.org International Aroid society
Aroids Society - Good source of information and identification – En
www.botany.hawaii.edu University of Hawaii at Mãnoa - Botany
General information on tropical plants - Well-imaged for identification - Tubular search – En
www.fcbs.org Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies
Good source of information on bromeliads – Well-informed - Well-imaged - Easy search - US – En
www.florawww.eeb.uconn.edu University of Connecticut - Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Conservatory
Plant information (Latin name, common name, family, origin, habitat) - Easy search – En
www.fngla.org Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Assosiation
Search for plants and their suppliers - US – En
www.horticopia.com/hortpix Horticopia
Horticultural data base - Online basic information - Well-imaged – En
www.interiorscape.com Interiorscape Magazine
Magazine on interior landscape - US – En
www.iqdho.com Quebec Institute for Development of Ornamental Horticuture
Horticultural resources for growers, garden centers, municipalities, landscapers, schools and government agencies – Can – Fr – En – Spa
www.plantapalm.com Palm & Cycad Societies of Florida
Well-imaged - Good source of information – En
www.plantfacts.com  Plantfacts.com
Plant information - Limited data base - Good information (under development) – En
www.tropicos.org W3 Tropicos - Missouri Botanical Garden
This site provides access to the Missouri Botanical Garden's VAST (Vascular Tropicos) nomenclatural database – En
www.zone10.com Zone 10
Indoor tropical plants portal from Florida - Good image gallery - Find suppliers - Growers - General information on the subject – En
www2.ville.montreal.qc.ca/... Montreal botanical garden
Montreal Botanical Garden - Indoor tropical section (English under development) - Well-imaged - Good source of information – Fr – En

Plant growers - suppliers - distributors  
www.acostafarms.com Acosta Frarms
Growers - Finished products - Palms and trees- US – En
www.agristarts4.com Agri-start
Growers - Plugs - Large variety of plants - Well-imaged - US – En
www.b-and-t-world-seeds.com B & T World Seeds
Seed supplier - Assorted- France – Fr – En – Ger – Spa
www.butlersnursery.com Butler's Foliage
Grower - Finished products - Palm, Aglaonema, Spathiphyllum, Schef, Amate, etc. - US – En
www.deleons4color.com Deleon's Bromeliads & Orchids
Grower - Finished products - Orchid and Bromeliad - Well-imaged - US – En
www.derooseplants.com Deroose Plants
Grower - Small format of finished products - Plugs - Bromeliads, Orchids, Alocasia and others - Well-imaged - Belgium - Holland - US - En - Da
www.grainesdumonde.be Seeds of World
Online store rare seeds, tropical and exotic for individuals and professionals customers. Belgium, france, Luxembourg - Fr
www.jardiniere.ca La Jardinière St-Louis
Grower - Supplier - Importer - Finished products - Tropical plants – Well-imaged and good information - Can – Fr – En
www.kraftgardens.com Kraft Gardens
Grower - Finished products - Large variety of plants of all size - Well-imaged - US – En
www.leroi-du-palmier.com Le Roi du Palmier
Online sale of seeds and plants of palms, bananas, Cycads, Agaves….and many advises. More than 85 species available. Eur - Fr - Eng - Ger - Spa
www.oglesbytc.com Oglesby Plants International
Grower - Plugs - Large variety of plants - US - Well-imaged- US – En
www.rainforestflora.com RainForest Flora
Grower - Finished products - Bromeliad, Tillandia, Platycerium - Well-imaged - US – En
www.rarepalmseeds.com Rare Palm Seeds .com
Supplier - Palm seeds - Well-imaged - Europe – Fr – Ger – Spa - En
www.southeastgrowers.us SouthEast Growers
Grower - Large calibre- Trees and Palms- US – En
www.southerntropicals.com Southern Tropicals
Grower - Supplier - Finished products - Large variety of plants - Well-imaged – En
www.thaipalms.com ThaiPalms
Supplier - Palm seeds- Well-imaged - Thailand – En
www.trebrown.com Trebrown Nurseries
Palm trees and cycad nursery in Cornwall UK, selling rare and exotic plants, palm seeds, cycad seeds and banana seeds with World-wide delivery. Free botanical, horticultural & conservation research species database. UK - En

Pot, pottery and accessory  
www.asi-intrex.com Architectural Supplements
Manufacturer – High-end fibre glass planters- Well-imaged- US – En
www.myduracraft.com Duracraft
Manufacturer - Fibre glass planters, urns, water features - Well-imaged - Canada - US – Fr – En
www.gaineyceramics.com Gainey Ceramics
Manufacturer - High-end ceramic and fibre glass planters - Well-imaged - US – En
www.haneypottery.com Haney Pottery
Importer - Plastic, zinc, iron, clay, painted clay, glazed clay - Well-imaged - Can, US – En
www.hinespottery.com Hines pottery
Manufacturer - Fibre glass and polyurea - US – En
www.iapsf.com International Art Properties
Manufacturer- High-end planters and others products - US – En
www.lechuza.com Lechuza
Manufacturer - Plastic pots - High-end shapes and colors - Well-imaged - Europe, US and other countries – En – Fr
www.newprocontainers.com Plant Containers by NewPro Corp
NewPro Containers is a manufacturer and distributor of quality plant container lines at affordable prices to consumers and wholesale to interiorscapes. Order securely in our online store and get Free Shipping! - US - En
www.plantertechnology.com Planter Technology
Manufacturer - High-end fibre glass and plastic containers and sub-irrigation systems - Well-imaged - US – En
www.vaserieplp.com Vaserie PLP
Wholesale / Importer - Pottery, clay, painted clay, glazed clay, fibre glass, plastic - Italy, Thailand, Indonesia - Well-imaged - Can – Fr – En

Equipement - Supplies  
www.corbeilbigras.com Distribution Corbeil Bigras Ltée
Horticultural product distributor - Fertilizers - Pots - Soil - Tools - Production equipment - Can – Fr
www.koppert.com Koppert Biological Systems
Biological control Products - Well-informed - Well-imaged – En – Spa – Da
www.plantprod.com Plant Products
Horticultural product distributor - Consulting - Fertilizers - Pesticides - Biological Control Products - Soil - Pots - Tools - Production equipment - US - Can (On-Qc) – Fr – En
www.thestgeorgeco.com The St-George Company
Horticultural product distributor - Pots - Tools - Equipment –En

Hydroculture - Hydroponic  
www.purlec.ca Hydroculture and Hydroponic Products by PurLec Hydroculture
PurLec Hydroculture and hydroponics products designed and manufactured in Canada for business and residential interior plantscapes - Ca - Us - Fr - En

Digital photograhy - Imagery - Software  
www.luminous-landscape.com The Luminous Landscape
About digital imaging – En
www.graphicssoft.about.com About
About graphic file formats and other relevant subjects – En
www.dansdata.com Dan's Data
About graphic file formats - Good information – En
www.wfu.edu Rick Matthews
About graphic file formats - Good information - En
www.graphicssoft.about.com About
About pixels – En
www.shortcourses.com ShortCourses
About pixels and other relevant subjects. Good place to start with – En
www.desktoppub.about.com About
About printing and other relevant subjects – En
www.paysageservice.com Paysages Service
Software distributor for the landscaping and horticultural industry Can – Fr
www.acdsystems.com ACD Systems
Software solutions for digital imaging, plug-in and more... - En, Fr, Spa, It and others
www.adobe.com Adobe Systems
Software. PhotoShop, PhotoShop Element and others... - Eng, Fr, Spa, It and others
www.corel.com Corel Corporation
Software. Paint Shop Pro and others... - Eng, Fr, Spa, It and others
www.designimaginggroup.com Design Imaging Group
Software. DesingWare for landscaping - En
www.extensis.com Extensis
Software. Portfolio and other PS plug-in - En, Fr, Ger and others
www.ononesoftware.com/ onOne Software
Programms Plug-in for PhotoShop - Ang
www.ulead.com Ulead Systems
Software. Photo Impact and others... - En, Fr, Spa, It and others
www.studio.adobe.com Adobe Systems
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